Ever wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons against some of Fantasy’s best (and coolest) authors? Of course you do. Last year, thanks to Justin Landon, we were privy to a documented game of D&D featuring Patrick Rothfuss, Peter V. Brett, Joe Abercrombie, Scott Lynch, Elizabeth Bear and a whole bunch of other awesome people. The saliva lost by drooling Fantasy fans was enough to fill the Dead Sea (and just as salty). You can read Brent Weeks’ account of the game right here on A Dribble of Ink, in fact. Now, this time around, you (yes, you), have an opportunity to take part in the next D&D game, alongside many of these same authors, including Patrick Rothfuss and Peter V. Brett, and newcomers like Sam Sykes. How? By auction.

Official information is available from the auction site on Ebay, hosted by Worldbuilders:

Join eight other fantasy authors in a classic game of D&D at Immortal ConFusion this coming January! The players include some of the best in the fantasy world: Pat Rothfuss, Peter V. Brett, Diana Rowland, Jim C. Hines, Mary Robinette Kowal and Sam Sykes. Authors Myke Cole and Saladin Ahmed will DM the game.


This is a great opportunity for folks attending the convention or people who live in the Detroit area as the convention is unable to cover travel and hotel accommodations. This auction is only for admission to the game–you’ll need to provide your own travel and accommodations.

Worldbuilders is very grateful to Peter V. Brett for this donation.


Please understand these are charity auctions. All proceeds go to Worldbuilders in support of Heifer International. If you would like any additional information regarding the products, please contact us and we’ll do our best to answer all your questions and spread the happy. Also please note that though proceeds from Worldbuilders auctions go to charity, you will receive an item or service in this auction; therefore, these are not tax exempt auctions.

Please don’t bid unless you intend to buy.

As of this article being written, the bidding is currently at $305.00, though it will certainly close with a much higher value. As with all of Worldbuilders’ charity activities, the donation resulting from this venture will go to Heifer International. So, you got your wallet/purse/bag from under the mattress/money-clip ready yet?