I happened across these maps a couple of weeks ago on the Fantasy sub-Reddit (enter at your own risk), and they haven’t left my mind. So, like any thought that won’t escape, I felt it’d be best to set it free so I can move on.These maps are hand-made, and gorgeously textured. The map-fetishist in me (and, frankly, the ol’ Warhammer fan) is madly in love. It’s been discussed to death, but there’s something magically tangible about a good map, one on paper, or leather and hung on a wall, and I’d love to see how these models appear in person.


Hand-modeled map of WesterosHand-modeled map of WesterosHand-modeled map of Westeros

The artist, who goes by the handle Moonsinger on Reddit, estimated that the Westeros piece took about twelve hours of work, in addition to time for drying. More images of the maps can be found in two libraries created by the artist: Middle-earth, Westeros

  • Paul Weimer (@princejvstin) May 17, 2013 at 5:24 am

    Although our buddy Justin trumpeted the fantasy reddit on the Functional Nerds, recently, I tend to only go there for AMAs.

    These maps, though, are extremely cool. You probably could do a War of the Ring on one of these, if you were careful.