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Range of Ghosts by Elizabeth Bear

So, I’ve never read any of Elizabeth Bear’s long fiction, despite being aware of her strong and respected reputation within the SF/F fan community. I did, however, really enjoyed her short story “The Horrid Glory of Its Wings” (REVIEW) I’ve recently stumbled into several glowing reviews of her latest release, Range of Ghosts, which is the first volume of The Eternal Sky trilogy, and she’s now firmly back on my radar. Tell me you’re not intrigued:

Brit Mandelo,

Range of Ghosts is a strong beginning to a big story about fascinating, flawed, believable people. I closed the novel with a desperate curiosity about what comes next, for the characters and their world; I found the book itself to be a well-written, well-constructed read with precise prose dedicated to balancing fifty things at once in most scenes. All around a great piece from Elizabeth Bear, and I recommend it for readers who want stunning, crunchy world-building, complex conflicts, and women characters who aren’t just strong but are also powerful. It’s the “big, fat fantasy with maps” you’ve been waiting for, if you’re much like me.

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