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“John Rhys-Davies has been cast as King Eventine Elessedil, one of the most important characters in The Elfstones of Shannara,” announced the official Terry Brooks website, reporting on news posted by The Hollywood Reporter. The Welsh actor is best known for playing Sallah in the Indiana Jones films, and… Gimli the Dwarf in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Yes. Jonathan Rhys-Davies will not only appear in screen adaptations of two of the most successful fantasy IPs of all time, but he will portray a dwarf in one and and elf in the other. What is this sick reality I’ve fallen into?

I’m… not sure what to think of this. I like Rhys-Davies, have since I was a kid and he was bouncing around alternate realities on Sliders, but his M.O. is exactly the opposite of the version of Eventine Elessedil that lives in my head. And, let’s be honest here, going from playing a dwarf to playing an elf is just too difficult for my brain to parse without getting a headache.