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Despite all my reservations about the first volume of the ‘trilogy’ of films (which, compared to the rest of the Internet, are fairly mild and positive), I can’t help but feel giddy when I watch this trailer. Yeah, it looks nothing like the book, but all hope for a faithful, irreverent adaptation were lost once Jackson announced that he was splitting the films into three parts anyway. It looks beautiful, and fun and I can’t help but become lost in Jackson’s version of Middle Earth.

The most disheartening thing is that, by all indications, the final film is going to comprise solely of the Battle of the Five Armies. Three hours of goblins, dwarves and, elves duking it out in CGI glory. I mean, that’s totally what I want from The Hobbit

Media blackout and all, I’m not going to watch this, but I hope you enjoy it. Only a few more weeks! To think, the last time I lined up for a Tolkien/Jackson film, I was fresh out of high school. Ten years later, my excitement for a film hasn’t been so feverish since. Until now.

Presented without comment. (Since I’m going into full-on media blackout on The Hobbit, and haven’t watched it myself!)

UPDATE: The YouTube trailer was taken down, but you can watch it here. Also, I may or may not have broken my media blackout, due to extreme pressure from my readers and innate curiosity.