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By Grace and Banners Fallen by Robert Jordan and Brandon SandersonIsn’t this kind of silly? The idea of releasing a prologue to a novel, no matter how heavily anticipated the novel is, or the length of the prologue, and then charging three bucks for it has always struck me as an embarrassingly blatant money grab by Tor. Doubly so when you consider that George R.R. Martin releases full chapters from his A Song of Ice and Fire novels, which have easily surpasses Wheel of Time in popularity, years or months in advance, for free.

And to kick the tires promoting the fact that you can now lay down money to pre-order a prologue to a novel, that, being DRM-free, has a limitless number of sellable copies? Shameless.

Dragounmount, where the eBook can be pre-ordered DRM-free, says:

The full prologue is a lengthy, action-packed chapter that has intense scenes and some great surprises. “By Grace and Banners Fallen” is the final Wheel of Time prologue. There’s no doubt that Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson left some great surprises for us.

Pre-ordering a limited-edition chapbook with gorgeous production values? That I can get behind. This, not so much. Unfortunately, I’m sure many Wheel of Time fans will gobble this up, like little Oliver Twist.