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A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan and Brandon SandersonWelp, it begins. Jason Denzel, long-time Wheel of Time fan and founder of Dragonmount, the website for Wheel of Time fans, has written a lengthy, and spoiler-free reaction to A Memory of Light, the final volume in Robert Jordan’s long-running, and (for the most part) celebrated series.

An excerpt:

[T]oday, as I read the ending of your magnum opus, I yet again found a piece of you. In those final, beautiful moments, with tears in my eyes, I understood. I saw why you wanted to write the story. I see the point you were trying to make. And I laughed. It may not have been what people expected, but, to quote Stephen King, it was the right ending.

And a glorious one.


If only you could have seen the specific way in which it turned out. I loved each character’s ending, even if it made me cry. I celebrated victories and gasped at the raw, visceral failures. Rand and Egwene shined the brightest, as I could have only hoped and expected. And there’s that one chapter. Holy smokes, RJ. 50,000 words? Really? Wow.


Yours is a story for the Ages. Some may criticize or belittle it, but its sheer scope and influence can’t be argued. The final pages may have been written, but it will live on in memory, community, and (let’s face it) franchise tie-ins. There are neither beginnings nor endings, right?

So, RJ, as I finish this letter that you’ll never read, I’m left only with final thanks. Thank you for sharing your vision with me. With all of us. For all the worldwide success and attention this book will bring, it still spoke to me on an intimate, personal level. Thank you for expressing the beauty of your life in these pages. Thank you for giving us what is quite simply the most epic ending to the grandest saga of our time.

I’m going out on a limb here, but it seems like Denzel might’ve enjoyed A Memory of Light, just a little bit. Denzel’s full thoughts, which also double as a touching eulogy for Jordan and his creation, are worth reading, though they’ll likely only make the three-month wait for the novel even more difficult for committed fans.

By Grace and Banners Fallen by Robert Jordan and Brandon SandersonIsn’t this kind of silly? The idea of releasing a prologue to a novel, no matter how heavily anticipated the novel is, or the length of the prologue, and then charging three bucks for it has always struck me as an embarrassingly blatant money grab by Tor. Doubly so when you consider that George R.R. Martin releases full chapters from his A Song of Ice and Fire novels, which have easily surpasses Wheel of Time in popularity, years or months in advance, for free.

And to kick the tires promoting the fact that you can now lay down money to pre-order a prologue to a novel, that, being DRM-free, has a limitless number of sellable copies? Shameless.

Dragounmount, where the eBook can be pre-ordered DRM-free, says:

The full prologue is a lengthy, action-packed chapter that has intense scenes and some great surprises. “By Grace and Banners Fallen” is the final Wheel of Time prologue. There’s no doubt that Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson left some great surprises for us.

Pre-ordering a limited-edition chapbook with gorgeous production values? That I can get behind. This, not so much. Unfortunately, I’m sure many Wheel of Time fans will gobble this up, like little Oliver Twist.

A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again.

As my re-read of the Wheel of Time series continues to chug along, I’m nearing the end of Lord of Chaos, which is considered one of the high-water marks for the series (though the first 3/4 of the book could use some serious Pacing 101 lessons) and my enthusiasm for the series continues its tumultuous roller coaster ride.

The short excerpt, which in includes the famous opening, and the journey of an eastward wind, is available on This is in addition to the portion of A Memory of Light‘s prologue, previously release by It’s so close we can taste it.

TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson (eBook)One Wheel of Time fan recently had the chance of a lifetime. Known as “Luckers” on the Dragonmount forums, this fan sat down with Brandon Sanderson and railed off a series of questions regarding some of The Wheel of Time‘s mysteries, both big and small. Most of the questions were answered with “RAFO” (Read and Find Out), or some variation thereof, but others were met with refreshing honesty (or devilish smiles, which tell almost as much). It’s a great read for fans of The Wheel of Time who’re just itching to get their hands on the final volume in the series, A Memory of Light, which releases early in 2013.

There are, of course, spoilers out the wazoo, up-to-and-including Towers of Midnight, and, some might consider, beyond. So, you’ve been warned. Read More »