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Buy The End Has Come, edited by John Joseph Adams and Hugh Howey

Buy The End Has Come, edited by John Joseph Adams and Hugh Howey

In collaboration with editors John Joseph Adams and Hugh Howey, A Dribble of Ink is proud to introduce a series of interviews with the authors of The End Has Come, the final volume in the The Apocalypse Triptych. Following on The End is Nigh, and The End Is Here, The End Has Come contains 23 stories about life after the apocalypse.

Interview with Chris Avellone about “Acts of Creation”

(Interview by Georgina Kamsika)

Tell us a little about “Acts of Creation.”

Aside from an obsessive drive to gamemaster superhero role-playing games (pen and paper superhero games, like Dungeons and Dragons, except… superheroic), Acts of Creation was my first foray into science-fiction prose – the idea of exploring a universe populated by artists with the potential to crack suns and detonate fleets with the ease of painting with watercolors appealed to me. Not only that, but exploring the idea of how you would attempt to contain and disarm such weapons in the wake of the apocalyptic war they won… in a manner of speaking.

I played around with a few other ideas and stories in the universe. Strangely enough, the stories often veered into family and romantic relationships, often with a mentor figure seeking to inspire a disciple with far more potential, sometimes older, sometimes younger, a character set-up I’ve often used in digital role-playing prose as well, from Planescape: Torment, to Knights of the Old Republic II, to New Vegas. I guess I haven’t quite gotten a satisfying answer on it yet, but arguably, each game universe comes with its own interesting twist that makes it fresh again in my eyes.

I always carried the hope of being able to share the story one day. And when John Joseph Adams brought up The End Has Come anthology and asked if I wanted to contribute, it seemed a great fit. And it helps that John and Hugh (Howey) are nice folks – Hugh, in fact, writes some of the nicest critiques I’ve ever seen from an editor, he makes sure you know what you’re doing well along with what you need to improve on. Read More »

Murad, Shurin, and Oliver

Murad, Shurin, and Oliver

Via The Book Smugglers, Solaris Books, alongside Jared Shurin and Mavesh Murad, announced Djinnthology, “an eclectic and fantastical anthology collection, prefaced with a comprehensive and insightful introduction to the importance of Djinn and their extensive history that will provide new readers with an accessible window into the unseen world of the Djinn, whilst also setting the tone for this exciting and original new collection.”

The anthology will include stories from both established and upcoming SFF writers, and will hit bookshelves in 2017. With Murad and Shurin holding the reigns, you can be sure it will be full to the brim with stories from today’s most exciting authors.

About the Book

Jinn – or djinn! – have been a fascinating part of many cultures for centuries. Every country touched by Islam has their own version of these interesting mythological figures embedded in their cultural heritage: including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Egypt, and even parts of Africa.

Nor has the West gone without. The Djinn have been a beloved (if overlooked) part of English and American fiction as well – more than simply Aladdin and I Dream of Jeannie! Djinn have appeared in classics of modern fantasy by Neil Gaiman and Tim Powers, as well as the acclaimed recent books by Helene Wecker and G. Willow Wilson.

Across the world, the Djinn have been presented as mischievous, powerful, devious, mysterious, good and evil, majestic, devilish and more… but despite their fascinating history and incredible cultural impact, the stories of these ‘hidden people’ have never before inspired a contemporary anthology.

From the Editors

“We’re really excited to create new stories inspired by some of the world’s oldest myths,” said Murad and Shurin. “Especially as it gives us a unique opportunity to work with talented writers from all backgrounds, from all over the world.”

“Jared Shurin and Mahvesh Murad are not only editors of exceptional taste, but they are also amongst genre’s newest champions – showing how valid a form of literature and expression speculative fiction is, and taking genre fiction forward in leaps and bounds with what promises to be a diverse, fresh and exciting anthology,” said Solaris EIC, John Oliver.

As a writer with a secondary world fantasy full of djinn-powered mechanics, to say I’m excited for this anthology is an absolute understatement.


Via io9, John Joseph Adams and Hugh Howey announced a new anthology series called The Apocalypse Triptych. The three volumes in the trilogy are titled: The End is Nigh, The End is Now and The End Has Come. As the titles of the books suggest, each volume will focus on a particular period before, during and after an apocalyptic event.

Adams, editor of Lightspeed and Nightmare, is one of the most popular (and prolific) anthologies editors working today, and Howey is one of Science Fiction’s most successful stories of self-published-author-takes-over-the-world (before selling the print rights to Simon & Schuster, he sold half-a-million copies of his novella-collection Wool). I have trouble describing the magnitude impact of these two working together without degenerating into a series of weightless superlatives. These books are gonna sell a ton. Period.

The Apocalypse Triptych

Speaking with io9, Adams described the reasoning behind publishing a unique triptych of anthologies, rather than one large anthology covering all types of apocalyptic stories. “[T]here is a distinct vibe that each of these types of stories has,” he said, referring to end-of-the-world, the-world-hand-ended, and post-apocalyptic scenarios. “[A]nd I suspect that there are lots of readers who are interested in one mode of apocalypse fiction or another; some might prefer watching everything burn, while some might be more interested in seeing what happens after everything has burned, etc., and so I think anthologies like these can be valuable for that reason.”

Howey, on the other hand, has his own take on why the progressive nature of the triptych is important. He says, “The beauty of this triptych, for me, is the chance to read short stories with sequels, short stories that take us on a journey, that tie a single world together across time and space.”

The Triptych includes many of today’s most exciting short fiction authors, including Paolo Bacigalupi, Seanan McGuire, Ben H. Winters, Elizabeth Bear, Scott Sigler, Robin Wasserman. Adams made clear, however, that not all authors will appear in every volume. Wool fans are in luck, though, as Howey is confirmed to have a Wool story in each volume. As if these books weren’t going to sell enough copies already.

More information about The Apocalypse Triptych is available through the official website. The first volume, The End is Nigh will be released in June, 2014.

One Small Step: An Anthology of Discoveries by Tehani Wessely

Publisher: FableCroft Publishing - Pages: 344 - Buy: Book/eBook
One Small Step, Edited by Tehani Wessely

Crafting an anthology is a bit like making a good playlist: it’s not just the selection of pieces that matters, but whether they suit the overall mood and the way they fit together. I’ve also found – though this might just be a personal preference – that anthologies with a too-specific theme tend to fall flat, the individual stories bleeding together into a single, monotone whole. Particularly if the intention is to showcase a trope-heavy subgenre, like dystopian romance, I frequently find myself losing interest: even if most of the offerings are engaging and original, seeing the same devices used and reused in such close proximity wears me out, and once I’ve reached my saturation point, I find it hard to continue. Read More »

I’m proud to announce that the rights to publish Unfettered have sold to Orbit Books UK.

This is great news but not for the reasons you might think.

A little background. When I found out I had cancer, you might be astonished to find that my first thought was not survival. It was there but it was in the back of my mind, like an itch that can’t be scratched. No, my first thought was, “How the hell am I going to pay for treatment?” Due to a pre-existing condition, I could not find affordable health insurance. Then the inevitable happened. I was diagnosed with Stage 3B Hodgkin’s lymphoma and quickly accrued a massive medical debt.

Luckily, I’ve made some friends over the years. Unfettered exists because of those relationships and their good will, the anthology paying off my debt in its entirety as of two weeks ago. Read More »