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The Children of Earth and Sky by Guy Gavriel Kay

Yesterday, via CBC Books, Guy Gavriel Kay revealed new details about his upcoming novel, The Children of Earth and Sky, including its setting. Kay has a penchant to explore human history while building his fantasy worlds, delving deep into our planets’ myriad cultures and histories, and turning the stories we know slightly towards the fantastic. Fans always have fun speculating, so where’s The Children of Earth and Sky drawing inspiration from? The Mediterranean regions of Europe during the Renaissance.

“In The Children of Earth and Sky Kay returns to the familiar territory established in several earlier works,” said Oliver Johnson of Hodder & Stoughton, the novel’s UK publisher. “[It’s] a reimagining of the melting pot of the medieval Mediterranean. In his hands well-known places and events are transformed into the wonderful and strange through the lens of fantasy, and brought to life with brilliantly drawn characters and the most graceful of styles, which will seduce his many fans and new readers alike.” Read More »


Few writers keep news of their upcoming novels as tightly under wraps as Guy Gavriel Kay. Today, however, the Canadian author took to Twitter and announced the title of his next novel almost a year ahead of release. It’s going to be called Children of Earth and Sky.

Little else is known at this point, but given Kay’s predilection for basing his fantasy world’s on the cultures and histories of our world, perhaps we could have some fun trying to put together the pieces and figure out where this one might be set?

Children of Earth and Sky will be released in Spring 2016.